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To inform, educate and awaken the public inspiring positive action to resurrect America. To see that our elected officials reinstate, protect, defend and adhere to the Constitution of the United States protecting and defending her from enemies both foreign and domestic.

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Social Media Hypocrisy and the U Haul Vote

By james bauman /

The U Haul Vote Try raising the subject of voting with just about anyone at this point and you are likely to find a topic which carries a tremendous amount…

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The Mainstream Media Has Failed

By james bauman /

Disturbing Cultural Sign of the Times Comic-al Cultural Delusion In the world of woke hypersensitivity and irrationality, Marvel Comics has now jumped onto the politically correct bandwagon. While most of…

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Politically Correct NewSpeak

By james bauman /

Surveillance by Video Game Just when we thought our technological world was just about devoid of all privacy, we now have confirmation. Sony is one of the many companies which…

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