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A Year in Review
James Bauman, Executive Director
Sarasota Patriots has been partnering with Unite America First and the 6th Annual America Truth Conference bringing you world class livestream events since this past summer. We have had the privilege of hosting you respected and informative speakers.
This series ends with a summary conclusion broadcast this Monday at 7 PM EST on our YouTube channel, with Will Johnson and John Michael Chambers as our featured presenters. During this time, we have received many questions regarding why we have not had live in person events during this time frame. The major reason has been the coronavirus limitations which have been placed upon venues which host events open to the public. With social distancing restrictions, and mask wearing concerns etc., we decided upon another path. While this has been an inconvenience, we have had the spectacular opportunity to reach over 250,000 people collectively via our online presentations. Lemons, into lemonade.
Looking Ahead
The Sarasota Patriots focus has expanded beyond being a local Sarasota based and focused group. There are many groups in the area you can attend and support and we encourage this. There is a list of some local groups featured on our website.
To accurately reflect our activities, the newly registered name of the Sarasota Patriots, (DBA), is now “American Sovereignty Network”, (ASN). ASN will continue to host monthly live stream events on its YouTube channel. Once the election crisis of 2020 is fully secured on inauguration day with a landslide victory for President Donald J. Trump,
we will be discussing the launching of large scale conventions. One in our home state of Florida, the other states to be determined.
Our board of directors consists of Chairman, President and Founder, John Michael Chambers, Vice President, Kirk Elliott PhD, ThD, and Treasury Secretary and Executive Director, James Bauman. We are a registered 501(C)4 not for profit Florida corporation.
We will continue to reach out to you weekly via our Constant Contact e-mail delivery system. You can expect to continue to receive information and updates from us each and every Sunday. This will include announcements for our monthly live stream events.
In Closing
The boat has been rocked and the battles will rage on as America is resurrected. We will do our part to help educate and inform. Be safe and may God continue to bless America.
James Bauman
ASN, Executive Director

james bauman

james bauman

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