As 2020 draws to a close, sometimes it is worth reflecting back upon what our reactions would have been only a few years ago to the ideas presented here from the present. Some of these would have seemed preposterous, even laughable. Patriots need to stand up and say ‘No More’ because with each liberty we ignore, that right as well as several others disappear and history has shown us that liberty is rarely regained without profound action.


Universal Basic Income


While this socialist wealth redistribution idea was not created in 2020, it became very popular with Presidential candidates like Andrew Yang and Senator Sanders as well as the ‘progressive’ wing of the Democrat Party. In short, UBI as it is often referred to, proposes paying people a sum of money to live on with the goal being to alleviate the effects of poverty. In the theory of those who advocate it, having a dependable sum of money from the government that citizens can live on will lead people into choosing to fulfill their interests in a way that will allow them to become entrepreneurs and society as a whole will benefit. Expect to hear more about this idea in the coming year as there are leftist members of Congress who plan on introducing bills of this nature. While I have yet to see an exhaustive study of the total cost of such a program, partly because no one has agreed upon what amount is going to be on offer, I am quite certain that a nation which is $30 Trillion in debt will have a hard time perpetuating this plan without causing hyperinflation from excess money creation. Were it to be implemented, people could have an income which in a short amount of time might not even provide… well… a basic standard of living.


There are two simple precedents as to why this theory has more holes than the Titanic. First, during 2020, the Trump Administration passed an assistance payment and income support for those influenced by coronavirus shutdowns and job loss. This is not something I have a problem with per se, particularly where local and state governments forced businesses to close. But, the ongoing assistance payments had an interesting effect. Some people whose workplace re-opened refused to go back to work because they liked getting paid to sit at home. I saw this first hand at a local lawn mover repair shop. Several sole proprietors of mowing / brush clearing businesses were talking with the shop staff and they remarked that they could not get enough help for the work they had because so long as people were still getting paid, even though their business had re-opened, they chose not to work. This suggests that the entrepreneurial spirit which UBI is supposed to foster has really just led to spending more time sitting on the couch at home. The second example is what happened when ‘direct relief’ (cash) was given to hurricane victims from recent years in Florida and Louisiana. Because this cash relief was in the form of pre-loaded visa cards, the spending could be tracked. A significant number of these cards were redeemed in Nevada, not Louisiana, nor Florida. Interestingly, some of the banks or ATMs that were used to draw money were either in or near casinos or strip clubs. Universal Basic Income is just another method to have people dependent upon the government and compliant so that they continue to get their money and are subservient to government diktats.


Travel Passes


If showing your papers at a checkpoint conjures images of the border of East and West Berlin during the Cold War, guess again. Modern travel permission will eventually be entirely digitized but coronavirus has made it possible for the architects of a global government to gain a foothold in this utterly Stasi sounding policy.


‘Travel papers’ were already given by essential service employers to workers from Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. They were given to members of occupations such as trucking, grocery stores, medical and nursing facilities, transportation workers, food production, pharmacies, auto repair and gas stations, and ‘big box’ stores like Target and Walmart. The papers were intended to be shown to authorities were the workers to be stopped during a lockdown. These businesses are needed for society to continue to meet its citizens’ needs and demanding papers from people who are putting themselves at risk when they stop for food, fuel and lodging is unacceptable. Instead, these employees should be thanked for their work, not made to show travel papers like some sort of inquisition.


Lockdowns were another attempt to force compliance and they met with mixed success. Depending upon where you live in the world as well as what state you reside in the US, you may have seen rigid police enforced quarantines but just as likely you may have seen nothing of the sort. Remember, if you were not living in the strictly enforced areas, what makes you think you and your location is immune to having your travel documents demanded and your freedom of mobility ended? Also, make sure to remember rioters who somehow did not see lockdowns, masks or distancing rules as applying to them. Nor did leftist Mayors like Ted Wheeler of Portland or ‘Mayor Jenny’ of Seattle who perceived looting and arson to be exempt from proximity and facial covering policies. Needless to say, the police were told to stand down and not demand these thugs papers either.


The next step will be far more sinister. As vaccinations become available, there are already businesses which are ‘requiring’ people to get the vaccine otherwise they either will not be able to use the business’ services or they could lose their job if they are employees. Ticketmaster is going to require a vaccination record to buy tickets to attend their events and airlines are preparing to do the same in order to fly. This brings a very different perspective as to what constitutes ‘voluntary’. Keep an eye on this issue as this is the fastest developing one due to last week’s vaccine rollout.


Mandatory vaccines


The notion of mandatory vaccines would have gotten a roll of the eyes and the oft spouted favorite derogatory term of ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you expressed concern over this issue prior to this year. However, if you read the previous section called ‘Travel Passes’ you got a more clear picture of how a vaccine might not literally be mandatory but if you cannot refuse it in order to be allowed to function in society without relinquishing your civil liberties, then for all practical purposes it is indeed ‘mandatory’. Knowing this section was coming, I held back on one particularly frightening aspect of potential mandatory vaccination. Were you aware financial institutions are also considering requiring customers to have vaccination proof in order to do their banking business? While this is not a perfect Biblical citation of Revelation 13, we might create an American Sovereignty Network Bible Translation which reads ‘…And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the needle mark, or the name of the virus, or the number of his vaccine on his barcode.


American Sovereignty Network is not opposed to the offering of vaccines but we ardently oppose mandatory vaccination. At present, these vaccines have one thing in common; all have been rushed into production without any long term testing which should be enough to cause one to think. However, when you have a new mRNA delivery system which can re-write biology, this becomes a major issue. Scientists do not know how long vaccine immunity could last or if they actually block infection as opposed to just blocking the progression of the illness. Mayo Clinic’s coronavirus task force already is warning that ‘return to normal activities’ will largely hinge upon how many people take the vaccine. Prepare yourself for maximum propaganda. While many will obediently roll up their sleeves, the rest of us may be banned from work, public venues, schooling or leisure without proof of our acquiescence. The University of California has already drawn the parallel that if a business can post ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service’ then they also can post ‘no vaccine, no service’.


Mandatory Tracking


‘Contact tracing’ was a new term to us this year but what it amounts to is a massive invasion of personal as well as digital privacy. Keep in mind this is not just for people who are known to have contracted coronavirus. People who have been suspected to be in close proximity are also finding themselves being tracked. In some cases, this involves a personal visit by a contact tracer but due to lack of manpower the all seeing digital eye has become the chosen method.


Apple and Google have developed an app which in many cases will self install on people’s mobile electronics. Shockingly, since Apple and Android (Google) control the vast majority of electronic platforms, this uninvited app gives them the potential to monitor one third of the world’s population. At some point you will probably follow your normal habit of allowing your electronics to download their never ending updates but what you will probably not notice until it is too late is that one of these updates will be monitoring ‘every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you’.


Cashless Society


The United States ran out of change, at least for a while. Bloomberg reported in August: ‘Thanks to the lockdowns, fewer coins are in circulation, leaving businesses unable to make change when customers hand over paper money.’


That may be the least of our worries because the excuse for ‘touchless’ payment means a Trojan Horse to eliminate cash or at least most cash. While I have commented upon this issue before, cashless is another word for ‘no privacy at all’. As soon as you turn to digital payments – be it PayPal, ApplePay, WeChat, Alipay, etc the result is the same. Every transaction you make can be tracked, a profile of your spending habits created and a methodology of control emerges if payments to certain businesses or individuals raise a red flag on some company’s algorithm. Worse yet, what might this be used for if third parties could purchase such information? This is exactly what these ‘Big Tech’ companies do via data mining and blackmail is more than one of the likely outcomes.


Just try to pay the kid next door to mow your lawn or your baby sitter next time you go out. How about a purchase at a garage sale or even a low cost used appliance or vehicle. No cash is not just an invasion of privacy, it is also an annoyance and limit on freedom as well as something that will be another avenue to justify taxation.


Criminal Gender Identity Penalties


The politically correct police have now begun to abuse their status as law enforcement by creating the fictional crime of ‘misgendering’ people. What this means is that if you refer to someone using a term about what sex they are (‘The women’s room is down the hall to the left…’) or what pronouns you choose, you can then be charged with a crime for failing to pretend the person you spoke to was actually what that person claims to be. A poorly written but accurately titled periodical called ‘The Daily Beast’ has a writer named Dawn Ellis who declared the crime of misgendering to be an act of ‘violence’.

If calling a man in a dress with long hair and makeup ‘ma’am’ is an act of violence, then I ask that people like Dawn Ellis or anyone else of this twisted mindset of ‘gender criminality’ to volunteer to fight in the trenches of WWI, storm the beaches at Normandy in WWII or get shot at in places like Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan before they start blathering about what constitutes ‘violence’.


Since these people’s entire premise is based upon ‘what someone identifies as’, it is devoid of any rational basis. What you ‘identify’ with has nothing to do with what you are. Growing up, I most certainly ‘identified’ with being an Olympic Gold Medalist because I ran track and field and that was what I aspired to be. Key point: Just because I aspired to be an Olympian did not mean that I was an Olympian, nor did I deserve to be. I simply did not have the body type to be one. And there we have it, no one should ever give me a medal, let me stand on a podium or play the national anthem for me because I biologically have not earned it. It really is that simple but in the eyes of the left, their mirage that if they simply believe they really are something they are not, then it is a crime to tell them they are delusional.


This is another issue already beginning to see actual enforcement. Citizens in the UK and Canada have been visited by local police for ‘violating’ this leftist tenant. Some have had legal penalties which are starting to increase in severity. If you are in the USA and think you are safe, think again. In America, ground zero for this madness is public education. High Schools and Universities are already disciplining students – including kicking them out of universities – for their insolence in this criminal act. What utter rubbish.


Greet 2021 for what it should be – a widespread defense of liberty.

james bauman

james bauman

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