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Andy Ngo, Antifa and Domestic Terror
Journalist Andy Ngo became a well known name after he was attacked by Antifa in 2019. He was beaten to a point where he had a brain injury and the attack was filmed from multiple angles. In what should be a terrifying lack of justice, no arrests have been made even though Mr Ngo’s attorney provided a list of suspects to police. Since then Antifa have been threatening to kill him and, according to Mr Ngo, the police have done nothing about these threats. One cannot help but observe that this man is from Portland whose police were told not to enforce the law on mobs of people, including Antifa, for months. It certainly could be theorized that the same ‘stand down’ policy is being applied to Mr Ngo in a way that is so egregious that he has fled to London. It is a cruel irony that his parents escaped to the USA from Vietnam in 1978 and now due to death threats he has been forced from the nation which was once his family’s refuge.
Some members of Antifa have condemned Mr Ngo for ‘enabling fascism’ which should come as no surprise because Antifa stands for ‘anti-fascist’ so it only makes sense they would attempt to brand him with such a mark. It is their one default setting; all their enemies must be called such a term because that is their all encompassing title cause. Antifa also vilifies anyone who reports on them unfavorably and Mr Ngo has just released a book titled ‘Unmasked’ which is an expose of Antifa’s history of violence. In an effort to stop the book from being read, these ‘anti-fascists’ are now demonstrating at Powell’s City of Books, a Portland bookstore which claims to be the world’s largest independent retailer. Demonstrations became violent… again… and customers and employees had to flee out the back door. Powell’s has already caved under pressure and will not stock the book in its stores but will sell it online as of this writing.
Mr Ngo correctly observed that Democrat politicians who have condemned the 6 January invasion of the US Capitol ‘were silent at best’ when Antifa and Black Lives Matter destroyed parts of Portland with at least four months of rioting last year. Additionally, Antifa has in no way stopped its violent habits because fifteen members were arrested on Inauguration Day. ‘We do not want Biden, we want revenge’ was on a banner carried by members of the group. Mr Biden incorrectly called Antifa ‘an idea, not an organization’ during his campaign which is obviously false because Mr Ngo has leaked documents from the group showing Antifa’s organizational setup and includes their processes of how to recruit, radicalize and screen new members. Just this week Antifa has been vandalizing storefronts and setting trash bins on fire in Tacoma Washington due to anger at the police. One can learn a great deal from this. The stores are privately owned and have no connection to law enforcement. Antifa’s goal is mayhem and anarchy and so far no arrests of them have taken place.
Americans should realize Antifa has a history of violence and the Trump Administration gave them the official label of ‘domestic terrorists’. However, if you are a Christian or against abortion, you too may also get the label of ‘domestic terrorist’ if a new piece of legislation called the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 is approved.
2020 Democratic US Presidential candidate and former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has expressed her concern that a new bill designed to undermine domestic terror could instead undermine civil liberties. Referring to the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, Mrs Gabbard stated ‘It’s so dangerous… this is an issue that all Democrats, Republicans, independents, Libertarians should be extremely concerned about, especially because we don’t have to guess about where this goes or how this ends’. She said her concern lies with how security threats will be determined and who will arbitrate and enforce policies against people believed to be dangerous. Mrs Gabbard singled out evangelical Christians and people with anti abortion beliefs as potential people whom this legislation could be applied to. This should be a shocking statement and receive national attention. Why? The answer is so simple. Imagine if instead she had specifically mentioned muslims and people with pro abortion views. You would see instant hate crime and civil rights abuse claims if she had done so. While the former Congresswoman did not say specifically that those groups would be targeted, the fact she specifically mentioned them as potential targets should be a red flag as to the future of such legislation. She continued to say that if taken to its full potential, half the nation could be viewed as potential terror threats and that Caucasians, males, libertarians and someone who ‘maybe has an American flag outside their house, or people who, you know, attended a Trump rally’ would be people she expected to see fall under this extraordinarily broad legislation. Do you know anyone who fits those descriptions? If so, they could get the same designation as Antifa.
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Russian Delusion Not Collusion
Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi Suggest Putin Ordered Trump to Attack Capitol
The thrice debunked Russian Collusion Narrative was started with Mrs Clinton commissioning the Steele Dossier to be falsified to frame President Trump. While this certainly qualifies as a violation of the Biblical ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ commandment, I doubt that played into the decision making process. On the other hand, what really is the problem is that no criminal charges have come from a totally fake attempt to malign the reputation, impeach and remove the President.
Incredibly, despite Robert Mueller and his pathetic two year investigation where his nineteen attorneys* could not find any collusion at all, Mrs Clinton and Speaker Pelosi are once again trying to summon the demons of the Russia Lie once again. Mrs Clinton hosts a laughable podcast called ‘You and Me Both’ were the two women theorized that Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin ordered the 6 January riot at the US Capitol building. Mrs Clinton wondered aloud ‘who pulls his (President Trump’s) strings’ followed by ‘I would love to see his phone records to see whether he was talking to Putin the day the insurgents invaded our Capitol’. Speaker Pelosi responded that ‘all roads lead to Putin’ all the while providing no evidence whatsoever. What is simply so scary is how absolutely no one calls out these women on these unsubstantiated lies and the media allows the mythology to continue without serving in its ‘watchdog’ role which it abandoned decades ago.
While the subject was given the ridicule it deserves on social media, the dwindling number of right wing accounts has created a near backout in the ability to rebut the leftist narrative which now dominates virtually all corporate media of whatever genre. Perhaps the one exception to the leftist stranglehold is talk radio which appears to be the last bastion of conservatism in US media. One of the few acts of rebuttal were by the people who attacked Twitter founder and leftist operative Jack Dorsey for allowing ‘conspiracy theories and ‘dangerous disinformation’ in reference to Mrs Clinton and Speaker Pelosi’s unsubstantiated blather. This was the same terminology used against conservatives in the past. Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and their ilk are clearly going to use their platforms to push their agenda with no care for impartiality.
Another story, again without evidence but still given broad media coverage, was that one of the Capitol rioters took Speaker Pelosi’s laptop computer and were going to send it to Russia. This was simply so far beyond the ability to believe that even the compromised FBI, you know, the ones who brought you James Comey, could not substantiate the claim. The FBI even launched an inquiry into alleged Bitcoin payments to a French national who was allegedly part of the scheme. However, the Frenchman could not be reached for comment as he had committed suicide. Right.
*Source: Former Attorney General Barr

james bauman

james bauman

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  1. Paul B. on January 31, 2021 at 12:26 pm

    Good job Mr Bauman. However, I’m waiting for you to write an article specifically pointing out that it was Antifa and BLM that initiated and carried out the break-in of the Congressional building on January 6.

    • james bauman on February 2, 2021 at 5:07 pm

      (For other readers, we have previously had a respectful email dialogue)

      Thank you for the kind words.

      Prior to this, you have expressed your strong desire to see me address the events at the Capitol as well as who were responsible.
      While I have no fundamental objection, you seem to have a passion for the issue so how about you posting here on this forum your thoughts on the event?


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