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Greetings from the American Sovereignty Network. As we continue to watch the unfolding events of Election 2020, we thank you for your patience and appreciate the emails of support that we have received. Some of you were nice enough to let us know that one of our web links was incorrect.
Are You On The List ?
The mind of the political leftist knows neither limitation nor moderation because its adherents are guided by their own emotions and groupthink in a way where they cease to question their unhinged leaders. As their ideology moves farther and farther from rationality, those on the far left have fallen into a very dangerous trap where absolute, unquestioned adherence to ‘the resistance’ is mandatory. This constitutes an ‘us vs them’ mentality where in order to maintain one’s good standing, no deviation nor disagreement in any point is permitted. Closer examination reveals that absolute orthodoxy is the litmus test. No dissent or discussion will be permitted because these people operate under the totally erroneous mindset that they and they alone are the advocates of social justice. When one crosses into the ‘Social Justice Uber Alles’ mentality, the result is obvious; if you dissent with any aspect of social justice you have by default put yourself in the category of ‘the oppressor’. In an instant, you have gone from being part of their glorious utopian cause to being an outcast for your sin of questioning someone else’s claim to perpetual victimhood. It does not matter if it is a specific or hypothetical event, if you cross their line, you have suddenly become persona non grata. Here are two examples of those who went from adoration to derision:
Martina Navratilova: For four decades, Mrs Navratilova was an admired figure for her openness regarding her lesbian lifestyle. The left saw her as heroic for ‘coming out’ long before it was common to do so but even forty years of approval can vanish in an instant for violating the leftist code. In late 2018, the eighteen time grand slam singles tennis champion stated that men who ‘decide to be female’ constitute ‘cheating and unfair’ conditions for female athletes. She continued to say that ‘There must be some standards and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.’ Immediately, her Twitter account where she posted the statement was filled with hateful responses and calls for an apology. An advocacy group called Athlete Ally which had a longstanding relationship with the tennis star removed her from its advisory board and said she would no longer be designated one of its ambassadors. Everything that she was previously admired for evaporated for her failure to embrace all aspects of leftist dogma.
Antonio Sabato Jr: Before revealing his political views, Mr Sabato was seen as a heartthrob who appeared in films such as ‘The Big Hit’, television shows like ‘Charmed’, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Mr Sabato revealed that he has been blacklisted in Hollywood because of his backing of President Trump. At the Republican National Convention, he stated ‘Donald Trump is for unity and believes in one America, with liberty and justice for all.’ He continued: ‘Having secure borders, protecting our citizens, none of this is hateful, this is the responsibility of the government’. Mr Sabato is now paying the price for not being willing to be a liberal. ‘I’ve had fantastic directors who have said officially to my agents and managers they will never hire me again. They will never even see me for projects. That’s unfair. It’s just like Communism’. While I am certain Mr Sabato was not anticipating my inclusion of him in this missive, his statement that his treatment was like communism is not just a clever simile. Many of the prominent figures on the left, including most of the founders or leaders of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, openly declare their Marxism.
But what about you? You are not a famous professional athlete or actor. Certainly you could not be blacklisted… could you? If you think you cannot, you need to wake up as to what is taking place.
Blacklisting anyone who supports President Trump has become an alarmingly popular idea for leftists, who consistently prove that they embrace the very authoritarian beliefs they claim to oppose. The mainstream news is doing all it can to pretend that a Biden Presidency is a guaranteed outcome and it has emboldened some people to reveal just what they have in store for those of us who support President Trump. Lunatic Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently took to Twitter to promote ‘archiving Trump sycophants’ so they cannot ‘downplay or deny their complicity in the future.’ So, Miss Ocasio-Cortez, under exactly what circumstances would anyone need to deny supporting the Trump Administration? The answer to that appears to be ‘all circumstances’. What can only be described as a Soviet style ‘Trump Accountability Project’ was concocted by three former Barack Obama and Pete Buttigieg apparatchiks named Emily Abrams, Hari Sevugan and Michael Simon whose website stated that their mission was to ‘never forget those who furthered the Trump agenda.’ While the project has now been privatized, in other words hidden, its archived webpage offered a chilling look into how radicals operate when given the chance. They offer an extensive list of who they want to keep from getting future jobs and it includes anyone who donated to the President’s campaign, worked with his campaign, was in favor of any groups affiliated with the President’s campaign plus anyone who was part of his staff. Read carefully. Did you donate to President Trump? Did you post things online in support of President Trump? Do you read material or watch livestreams of groups which support the President? If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these then congratulations, you are on the list.
The Trump Accountability Project is not the only effort by radicals to attack the lives of those with whom they disagree. Apparently, the term ‘accountability’ appears to be the leftist vocabulary of choice because co-host of ‘The View’ Sunny Hostin said any Trump ‘associates need to be accountable for their actions’. Fake News CNN’s Jake Tapper warned that any Trump supporter who believes that voter fraud took place needs to be recorded because of ‘what future employers would think of their character’. Meanwhile, Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post blatantly threatened ‘We have to collectively burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them. Because if there are survivors….they will do it again.’ If this is the type of statement that is being made publicly, the vitriol behind the scenes will be far, far greater. The twisted mentality of accountability (read: punishment) is a major goal of the far left and it will not go away. Instead, it will lie dormant until the left think they have the power to act upon such penalties. Beware, because when ‘accountability’ comes, it will not be given the limited definition of people who supported President Trump’s political goals. Accountability, as the left plans it, will be a synonym for supporting white supremacy, fascist politics and every ‘phobia’ and ‘ism’ in the loony left lexicon. If that in itself does not scare you, consider the utter lack of law enforcement support for victims of the left’s rampages in places like Portland or Seattle. You will be forced to protect yourself and your property. Furthermore, unless your actions are all on video, false witnesses and corrupt District Attorneys mean you will be charged as the aggressor because that is what you are seen as by default. The truth does not matter to them; their ends justify their means. These people operate under the mindset that there is no neutrality and you either support the left’s agenda or you are the enemy. They will neither negotiate nor show mercy because they are deranged anarchists who live in a world of self justifying victimhood. It is a daunting and dark view of America’s future should the radical left come to power.

james bauman

james bauman

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