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Decibel Based Corona Confinement
Essity is a Swedish health/hygiene product company which has a factory located in France. They have asked their workers to wear a device that emits an eighty five decibel sound if people violate social distancing policy. Even though the device is for the waist or pocket, the French Democratic Confederation of Labour compared the device to a dog collar which deters dogs from barking. Union representative Christian Duguet said she saw it as an attack on personal freedom which I think could be called a fairly gentle criticism of this rather absurd practice. The company defended the policy by saying it would ‘alter potential contact cases more quickly and comprehensibly’ and added that the devices deactivate when entering the bathroom or cafeteria. How comforting. The Popular Republican Union Party of France issued a sarcastic reply that said the next stage of the test will involve a shock of 380 volts to both offenders. At least it is nice to see that humor has yet to be exterminated by corona-mania.
According to Le Parisian news, the company has also deployed this device in the UK and Netherlands. If this is already in effect in multiple nations, how long do you think it will be until this type of dehumanization is used by employers in the USA or wherever you may be reading this? How many third world nations with few labor laws will abuse this, or similar devices, to stop workers from having any human contact? No doubt they too will justify it for ‘health reasons’ but the reality will be that it is just another way to squeeze one milligram more of productivity from their automaton employees who have no real rights. This defies common sense. If getting within two meters of someone constitutes a threat to health that justifies this absurd and childish monitoring, then certainly there are more pressing issues to solve than forcing your workers to have the HAL 9000 monitoring their proximity. Mark my words, the improvements in workplace conditions which were accomplished by organized labor can quickly be undermined by the leftist collectivists. Furthermore, the abuse of those who do not live in nations with enforceable laws that govern working conditions will never be permitted to rise beyond slave or sweatshop conditions, all in the name of collective security. Yes, these are the same people who preach ‘social justice’ but since coronavirus helps them to accomplish some of their draconian aims, social justice falls by the wayside and the ends always justify the means with these charlatans.
Health Care Workers Refuse Vaccine
Do Not Be Alarmed if People Start Dying After Taking the Coronavirus Vaccine… says CNN
In a CNN article titled ‘Why vaccinate our most frail…?’ contains one of the most preposterous statements about vaccination that I have ever seen. The article tells people not to be alarmed if older people in retirement and nursing homes die the day after getting the coronavirus vaccine. Dr Kelly Moore, an associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition, cautioned that vaccines do not work as well on the weak and aged. While I can accept that older people have unique health care needs, Dr Moore continued into a line of thinking that needs to be carefully examined. She said ‘When shots begin to go into arms of residents, Americans need to understand that deaths may occur that won’t necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine.’ She attempted to smooth over this rather disturbing statement by stating that since nursing and retirement facilities are where people reside at the end of their lives, death should not be equated with the coronavirus vaccine, even if they take place ‘within a day or two’ of the vaccination. Really? I may not have an MD but if an elderly person I know is in good health and then dies the day after receiving a foreign substance, in this case a mRNA form of inoculation that has no long term testing, then I call ‘BS’ on this one. Bandolier is an Oxford related UK source that reports that a person over 85 has a 1 in 6.5 chance of dying in the next year. If that is the case, then the odds are that a person has a 1 in 2373 chance of dying the next day. Imagine your reaction if a loved one got a vaccine and then happened to be the 1 in 2373 that actually did die. The odds may be in one’s favor but imagine living with the knowledge that you either gave consent or encouraged that person to have such a vaccine. I, for one, do not want that burden upon my conscience.
One of the few coronavirus facts which is rarely disputed is that older adults are at higher risk. But, if that is the case, why is it that the first responders who have been at the front of the queue to get the vaccine are refusing it? This is where greater light is shed on the issue of vaccination. At St Elizabeth Hospital in Tehama County California, less than 50% of the seven hundred hospital staff eligible were willing to take it when it was offered. Similarly, in Riverside County, east of Los Angeles, the same figure of 50% refusal is being reported and instead of a shortage of vaccine, there are actually left over doses because health care workers are not willing to take it. Even in hard hit Los Angeles County, estimates range as high as 40% of some medical staff are also declining inoculation. Officials at the world renowned UCLA Medical Center gave the somewhat pathetic sounding disclaimer that ‘there may be vaccine hesitancy in our workforce’. Wow, that was tactful…
Despite being sold to the public as being safe for virtually anyone who is not prone to ‘severe allergic reactions’, skepticism remains amongst the people who should, in theory, have the best information about the potential for the injections. Many nurses, doctors, EMTs, pregnant health care workers and others are simply not willing to take it. As I previously stated, I am not a doctor (nor do I play one on TV) but when half of medical staff refuse this potion, I have no sense of comfort, nor would I give approval for the person over whom I have power of attorney for, to get this immunization.
Epidemiologists say the public health implications could be disastrous, but they are only dealing with the aggregate. Were it to be you or a loved one who suffers a complication, it will be much more personal.
It brings to mind the disturbing statement by Josef Stalin who said ‘One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic’. Your loss will be the tragedy, the worldwide mortality will be the statistic. Additionally, Sal Rosselli, the president of the National Union of Healthcare Workers tried the bumbling liberal refrain of ‘Trust science. It’s about science, and reality, and what’s right’. This twin mantras of ‘trust science’ and ‘settled science’ are the verbatim choices of words for those on the left because they only want to listen to the same mainstream propaganda and never be forced to either question or defend their views. If they can dismiss you by condescendingly saying ‘that is settled science’, then they never have to be forced out of their groupthink comfort zone. Please keep in mind that at one point it was considered ‘settled science’ that the sun revolved around the earth. If that can be debunked scientifically, which it obviously was five hundred years ago, then so can any other claim where leftists attempt to muzzle you with their twin statements of dismissal.
Another survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation reported significant numbers of health care workers who said they probably would not get the vaccine because they worried about side effects or they lacked trust in the government safety trials. Others said they had concerns about politics in the development of the vaccines and some went so far as to say they believed the dangers of coronavirus to have been exaggerated. Dr Michael Wasserman, who is a medical director for Eisenberg Village nursing home and Past President of the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine validated their concerns when he said ‘Because there was no transparency or clarity from the federal government with the rollout, the states and the counties often didn’t know what was happening until the last minute. That makes the vaccine reluctance even worse’. At a hospital in Orange County California, an intensive care nurse named Anthony Wilkinson who cares for coronavirus patients delivered what may be the blunt reality when he stated that he had co-workers who simply said they no longer trusted ‘big pharma and the CDC’. What more do you need to hear when health care professionals do not trust drug companies and the Centers for Disease Control?

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