Marxism: Neither Gone, Nor Forgotten
Anyone over the age of forty would easily remember a time where a political candidate who identified as a socialist would have been dismissed as unelectable or even un-American. This attitude survives in the Baby Boom and their children who, according to Fox Business, only have a 27% favorable opinion of socialism. However, when you shift to the younger Millennial and Generation Z demographics, an alarming trend emerges. When presented with the statement: ‘I prefer living in a socialist country.’ a Harris poll stated 49.6 percent of young Americans agreed with the statement. Frighteningly, 61 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds have a favorable reaction to socialism. As Vladimir Lenin stated, ‘The goal of socialism is communism.’ Marxism of any form is antithetical to Western Society because it degrades and divides humanity as well as the value of the individual. Every nation that has adopted this pernicious ideology has arrived at misery and failure. China is the chief disseminator of pro socialist views which are centered in atheism, materialism, and a philosophy which consists of dividing people by class, race, geography etc to destabilize society and promote chaos. The Epoch Times reported that China has taken credit for fueling the riots after the death of George Floyd as an example of their commitment to undermining the stability of the USA whom they consider their greatest enemy. It is not surprising the USA holds this position amongst the ruling class of China. China knows that if they can undermine the USA’s traditional Judeo-Christian values as well as the USA’s financial underpinnings, then China can assume the role of world Hegemonic power. China is hostile to traditional Western Culture because it uplifts the value of humanity by pointing out our common value as creations of God. Communism, however, reduces human beings to soulless entities whose duty is to the state and is devoid of any deity or morality. We believe that traditional Western Culture helps humanity to flourish. The beginning of the Declaration of Independence states, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.’ When Americans believe we believe we have a creator, then we have a common basis for unity in an multi ethnic society. Compassion and value for fellow humanity flow naturally to those who share a belief in unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
How did we get here? Former American Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson gave a speech where he alleged Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev stated that Americans would not adopt communism outright but over time would be conditioned to accept socialism. I did not include the quote verbatim simply because the authenticity is debated. However, if one evaluates the core of the message, it is certainly in line with KGB tactics of ‘ideological subversion’ which have been outlined by Soviet defectors. Gradually demoralizing a society and undermining the stability of its foundations match this objective and allow this malevolent doctrine to be adopted by younger generations who either do not know what socialism really is or have been properly ‘conditioned’ to accept the lie of Cultural Marxism which permeates American education and media. This is not even close to an even playing field. University education was intended to challenge the mind through dialogue and presentation of multiple perspectives. However, when ‘higher education’ is so one sided, it cannot be called education and deserves the moniker of ‘re-education’. One analysis by Fox News included over 8,000 college professors nationwide and it revealed that 78.2% of the academic departments either had no Republicans or so few that it would not make a difference in the barrage of non stop leftism. Political homogeneity at this level cannot be expected to produce an educational environment where minds are challenged. In fact, the opposite has now emerged. Expressing views which are not in line with far left ideologues can result in threats – verbal or physical – from other students. Socialist professors retaliate with academic penalties while politically correct administrations with no backbone have even expelled students from school. Ashleigh Brock, who attended Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, posted some videos on social media criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement and was kicked out of school. Students at the University of Scranton were banned from forming a conservative chapter of the group Turning Point USA. Meanwhile Young Americans for Freedom were banned from the University of Syracuse simply because their subject matter (patriotism and capitalism) was deemed ‘inflammatory’. Portland State University police did nothing after a College Republican lecture on the Second Amendment lecture was disrupted by one protestor with a noise making device. The protestor left no ambiguity in his goals when he said ‘We want you to stop f*cking talking’. So much for freedom of speech. What used to be ‘higher learning’ is now ‘lowest common denominator’ groupthink.
The penetration of Cultural and Political Marxism into American education has surpassed the expectations of even its most zealous proponents. The American ‘institution’ of education lives up to the worst implications of the term ‘institution’. The level of insanity which goes on daily within US schooling is far too voluminous to be addressed in a short form commentary. In fact, were I to attempt an exhaustive evaluation on the problems of US education, it would rival Sir Winston Churchill’s ‘History of the English Speaking Peoples’ in its length. Overwhelmingly, education no longer teaches the importance of free markets and the destructiveness of socialism. Simple comparisons such as the average GDP and consumer standard of living in free market economies are often not included in curriculums designed by Marxists because they prove just how miserable a failure centrally planned communist states are. Leftism destroys anything it touches and the lack of any successful Marxist-Leninist state is always conveniently left out of American education. Instead, the ugly path to communism has been re-packaged for today’s youth under the Senator Bernie Sanders chosen vocabulary of ‘Democratic Socialism’.
What few Americans know is that Democratic Socialism was exactly what was ‘sold’ to the people of Venezuela. In the 1990s, Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in Latin America and the third wealthiest nation in the Western Hemisphere. However, this record of success turned to disaster in less than one generation when in 2001 Venezuela voted for a socialist government. In 2004, medicine was socialized and in 2007 all education became ‘free’. Then, in 2009, all private ownership of guns was banned. Do these reforms sound familiar? That is because all three of these actions are part of the platform of the so called ‘progressive’ wing of the Democrat Party. Such reforms were enough to attract the attention of US Senator Bernie Sanders who praised Venezuela for pursuing ‘their American dream’. It is no wonder the Senator has not been back to check on their ‘progress’ because this ‘dream’ was already showing itself to be a nightmare by 2014 when the government began imprisoning all opposition leaders. This is the hallmark of what Marxism/socialism/communism really is because its application has always coincided with the abolition of civil liberties, bloodshed and poverty in every case. Oppression is the only way to maintain a socialist system because anyone who has experienced life under free market systems and command systems will tell you that command economies result in the most talented members of society leaving (assuming they can) and a lower standard of living for everyone except the hypocritical leaders who manage to use their governmental power to enrich themselves. By 2016 in Venezuela, food and health care were experiencing shortages and by 2017 the government suspended the Constitution because Constitutional law would have meant freedoms that would have undermined the socialist disaster state. And, by 2019, the disarmed civilian population was being massacred by the government. One would hope that even as brief a summary as this would be enough to penetrate the thick skulls of American useful idiots who conspire with the left to replicate this disaster in the USA. Unfortunately, their progressive mentality blinds them from realizing that ‘good intentions’ in no way guarantee good results.
Americans ignorance to their own governmental and social institutions are frequently put on display for comedic purposes by people like Mark Dice or Jay Leno. I have viewed numerous videos featuring interviews of Americans on an array of basic economic and civic principles. One would assume that after growing up in the United States, people would be at least moderately proficient in basic questions such as naming the three branches of government, what inflation is or how capitalism works. The answers pointed to a frightening level of ignorance. Person after person were unable to answer even the most basic questions including ‘Who is the current Vice President of the United States’ or ‘Name one right guaranteed by the First Amendment’. After these embarrassing displays, one suddenly begins to understand how the left’s promise of ‘free’ social services can be bought hook, line and sinker by an upcoming large generation of ignorant voters. The millennial generation and younger lack the critical thinking to realize that proposals such as the Green New Deal, government single payer health care and government funded higher education plans are so cost prohibitive they would bankrupt the entire planetary economy, not just the USA. Sadly, the level of Cultural Marxism is so prevalent that these young voters would still support such initiatives in the name of social justice because they cannot comprehend the simplest realities of government, economics or civic duty. Truth, in these people’s view, would likely be termed ‘hate speech’ or some sort of ‘ism’ or ‘phobia’. The lie of ‘free stuff’ to be paid by successful people in penance for their mythical exploitation of the rest of us is so intoxicating that to these lost souls, reality no longer matters.
The increasing support for socialism among younger generations is a direct result of the intentional lack of knowledge combined with deliberate disinformation of what free market principles are. Parents who do not want their children living in their basement for decades should beware and take action while they can still afford a basement for their adult socialist offspring to live in.

james bauman

james bauman

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