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Surveillance by Video Game
Just when we thought our technological world was just about devoid of all privacy, we now have confirmation. Sony is one of the many companies which has bowed to leftist pressure to stop free speech for users of… wait for it… their PlayStation video game system. The new PlayStation contains a ‘code of conduct’ which forbids hate speech. Their software contains a code of conduct which warns ‘voice chats may be recorded for moderation’ and that ‘by joining, you agree to being recorded’.
If users of the video game system report that they have heard objectionable speech, whatever that may be, they can log a complaint and the company will examine the recordings to ascertain if an actual violation has taken place. In what could be considered a laughable justification, Sony explained their new recording policy was to that their games would be ‘fun for everyone’.
Unless you are a user of modern video games, it could be confusing to wonder how people are chatting over a game console, but modern games allow players to communicate via the internet with others who play multiplayer online games. For example, you may be playing at home in Toronto but in your group of players, you may be communicating via internet voice with players in Phoenix, London or anywhere else.
Sony’s code of conduct bans hate speech, bullying, stalking* plus all the expected politically correct NewSpeak. Players are required to ‘be inclusive… regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race’ as well as other terms ‘that people use to label others or divide communities’.
You could easily wonder what the consequences are should you violate said code of conduct. Since modern video games are online digital platforms, there is no cartridge or disk that you own and can control. Therefore, if you violate the terms you can be banned from the network. This means that the people with whom you play the games (who can be anywhere in the world) can be cut off from you as well as access to the games themselves. Yes, even if you paid to have the right to play the game and you violate their politically correct speech codes you can lose that right. This is why modern game manufacturers want digital only games because it gives them the right to control your behaviour. Just to make sure they were sufficiently ‘woke’ for their younger generation players, Sony made PlayStation the first game platform to join with the Anti-Defamation League to ramp up censorship of allegedly hateful speech.
Cancel culture now includes cancelling your subscription to play video games. I, for one, will be content to stick to Donkey Kong, Pac Man or Missile Command.
*If anyone knows how you can ‘stalk’ someone on a video game, please enlighten me
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Canadian Pronoun Showdown
American Sovereignty Network is pleased that we have followers in at least fourteen nations that we know of and we greatly appreciate our neighbors to the north in Canada. ASN grew from a group in Florida which has many Canadian residents who spend the winter months in the US and we are grateful some residents of Canada have attended our in person events which were held prior to the coronavirus era. The politically correct speech police are at it again in the Provincial Court of British Columbia and are trying to require each individual to begin legal proceedings by declaring whatever pronouns the person wishes to be referred to and legal penalties may result if such protocols are not observed.
Chief Judge Melissa Gillespie of the Provincial Court stated that the goal of starting with pronoun choice ‘improves experiences within the legal system for gender diverse parties and lawyers’. This court hears 95% of all criminal cases in the Province. Cases range from violent homicides all the way to parking offenders. Recently Judge Gillespie ordered all attorneys coming before her court to introduce themselves, clients, witnesses, and other individuals by name, title ‘and pronouns to be used in the proceeding’. Forgive my cynicism but I find issues of extortion and aggravated battery to be more pressing issues than the pronouns one is referred to but in the world of the politically correct left, even being on trial must be done in the context of each person’s ‘comfort zone’ because, as we all know, being comfortable with pronouns far outweighs minor issues like assault or grand larceny.
The court has decided that common terms like Mr or Ms can be used, however there has not been any clarification issued as to if the more traditional terms of Miss and Mrs could be permissible. The gender neutral term of Mx is allowed and, in case you are wondering, it is pronounced either like ‘mix’ for the short form or ‘mixter’ for the complete term. The Court has a website which specifies that ‘Using incorrect gendered language for a party or lawyer in court can cause uncomfortable tension and distract them from the proceedings that all participants should be free to concentrate on’. If that is what causes ‘uncomfortable tension’ in a court of law, then truly all common sense is lost. Perhaps a defendant should be even less comfortable with statements like ’20 years to life’ or ‘a mandatory term of incarceration’ but I digress. For the record, the death penalty was struck from Canadian Criminal Code in 1976 otherwise who knows how that would be referred to? Perhaps ‘Mx Jones, you have been sentenced to terminal inconvenience’ or something similar?
Unfortunately, this is where it gets frightening because this is still a court of law and those who will not observe this Orwellian NewSpeak can be found in contempt. Contempt in British Colombia is at judicial discretion and typically has resulted in fines from C$1000 to C$1500 or jail terms of up to forty five days. What is probably much more compelling is that this social justice nonsense has found its way into legal penalties. published a video with a commentary which stated ‘misgendering’ constitutes an ‘act of violence’ against the aggrieved party. For the record, I am male and would much rather be called ‘Madame’ as opposed to getting punched in the face or hit with a hammer so the claim of this being an act of violence leaves a bit to be desired.
Canada is not alone in its decision to put accurate pronoun use into its legal statutes. While it may seem beyond the ability to believe, the State of California has made cases of misgendering a transgender person carry a penalty that is more severe than knowingly infecting someone with HIV. This is not just strange, this is insane. The notion that calling a person a pronoun, any pronoun, is more of a criminal offense than the purposeful transmission of a deadly disease is completely beyond the realm of rationality. In the United Kingdom, hate crime legislation is being crafted to make such incorrect terms criminal offenses and some British citizens have already been contacted by legal authorities over the issue. Caroline Farrow said Surrey Police contacted her over her use of incorrect pronouns in a series of Twitter posts and that she has been accused of ‘child abuse’ for her choice to call a person ‘he’.
Here is the key point: Political correctness is a twisted violation of free speech not to mention common sense but if Canada, the UK and US States will make this a prosecutable offense, we all have a serious problem.

james bauman

james bauman

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