The U Haul Vote
Try raising the subject of voting with just about anyone at this point and you are likely to find a topic which carries a tremendous amount of passion and very little ability for either side to even acknowledge the merit of a view which they disagree with. However, once one gets away from blather about Dominion voting machines, mail in ballots and Capitol protestors there is another vote being taken each year which reveals far more than the current binary left vs right, Republican vs Democrat dichotomy.
Picture a vote where the people polled get to choose from 50 options, the first of which involves keeping what they have and the other 49 involve trading their current selection for a different one. That is exactly the choice that Americans are making each year and in mass numbers they are voting in a way which has a unique but effective method of measure which is the destination and cost of U Haul trucks to move the possessions of people relocating. One thing is certain – Americans are voting to leave the states with long term leftist politics, run down and decrepit cities, low quality of life and high taxes. Instead, Americans are choosing to move to states with a more conservative political history, less coronavirus restrictions and lower cost of living.
Florida and Texas have been the top two states for most of the last decade but 2020 saw Tennessee take the top spot for net gain in U Haul truck arrivals. Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, and Georgia were the top ten US states for new arrivals while California continues to lead the states where people are disillusioned, cashing in on their property value if they can and then heading for greener and Gavin Newsom free pastures. The rest of the bottom states included Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Oregon.
Tennessee, Texas and Florida all have no state income tax and with a substantially lower cost of living, a business friendly environment and lesser coronavirus regulations which make these states the destinations of choice. This ‘U Haul vote’ is a non standard method of measurement but it shows that regardless of expressed political views, people are still making the choice to opt for states that have not been run into ruin due to failed leftist policies which include but are not limited to high cost of living, poor infrastructure, rising violence, rampant homeless encampments, politically correct school curriculums and government officials who aid and abet the social justice rioters by instructing police not to enforce law and order, adopting ‘woke’ fictional offenses such as ‘microaggressions’ and giving permission for bizarre indoctrination with events like drag queen story hour for kindergartners. Even people who may vote for Democrats or have some more socially libertarian views are joining the exodus from the leftist dystopias. My one concern is that they are smart enough not to bring with them the mentality which ruined the state from which they came.
People have been waiting for three weeks in the fiscal disaster state of Illinois while New Yorkers have actually starting queueing up like Soviets in a bread line just to get a truck to move out of New York. Sidewalks in New York are lined with perfectly usable but discarded furniture because people are so anxious to leave that they may even take a smaller truck just because it is available. This is the largest mass migration out of major US cities and the ‘U Haul Vote’ offers a perfect, non politicized way to measure citizens preferences for more conservative states, regardless of express political views.
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Social Media Hypocrisy
It is hardly a shock to state that technology companies have been systematically silencing conservative voices online while not applying the same standard to liberals. Apparently, more people are waking up and seeing what is taking place. How can I say this? Easy, Amazon has just reported this week that its top selling book is George Orwell’s 1984 where all of society is controlled by a government ‘thought police’ and where ‘thought crime’ can be prosecuted. Should one be evesdropped upon and found to have violated the codes of thought, speech or conduct then that individual will be classified as an ‘unperson’ as if they never existed. Even the reviews left by purchasers on Amazon tell the story. Constantin Turculet was born in communist Romania and stated simply that after thirty five years in America, the nation is now moving towards the same ‘horror scenario’ as the place of his birth. Meanwhile, another buyer named Jordan Edwards offered that ‘it seems like the left is using it as their playbook right now’.
This has taken place in the last week:
1.      Twitter banned President Trump and erased the all of his past tweets
2.      Facebook deleted a page called WalkAway for Democrats who have become disillusioned
3.      Twitter permitted #HangMikePence and #KillTrump to be trending topics. Hypocrisy, you think?
However, the true nature of tech companies desire to exert as much control as they can has been their next step which is to ban Parler which has been a minor social media platform but a refuge for conservatives due to its open speech policies. Amazon, Apple and Google all then banned the platform from their app stores or servers. Parler has since announced that regardless of whether or not it regains accessibility from these companies, it may not economically survive, so possibly Big Tech may have killed a competitor just with a suspension.
In response to the actions taken against Parler, which has committed no offense unless free speech is unacceptable, California Representative Devin Nunes has called for a racketeering probe into the tech companies. ‘This is clearly a violation of antitrust, civil rights, the RICO statute. There should be a racketeering investigation on all the people that coordinated this attack’ Congressman Nunes told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo this week. Parler CEO John Matze said his company is preparing legal action and stated ‘The effect of this is that there is no longer a free and open social media company or site for any American to get on any longer’ Mr Matze said, because Amazon, Apple and Google ‘have just destroyed’ Parler in an act of collusion.
Meanwhile, Congressman Nunes said he believe the CEOs of the companies deserved criminal prosecution and has asked for the Federal courts to intervene. Considering Representative Nunes is on the House Intelligence Committee, it is particularly interesting that the Department of Justice refused to comment. There should be no surprise that ‘no comment’ was what Apple and Google contributed but an Amazon spokeswoman says that Amazon has ‘seen a steady increase in this violent content on your website’. So, why should Amazon be monitoring a company it does not own and that has never controlled more than a single digit of the market share? The answer is simple, they want complete control – censorship – of all tech media. If you believe Amazon and its claims, I have some lovely ocean front property in Nebraska that I would like to sell you.

james bauman

james bauman

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