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Florida vs Big Tech
by James Bauman
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Working To Stop Tech Censorship
In a rare piece of good news about efforts to retaliate against tech company censorship, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced measures designed to stop censorship of political candidates, political speech and mandatory opt outs of content filters. Governor DeSantis stated that tech businesses are the leading threat to freedom of speech and announced new measures to combat this.
The new regulations include:
·        Mandatory opt-outs from content filters
·        A private right of action for Floridian citizens against tech companies that violate this
·        Fines of $100,000 per day levied on tech companies that suspend candidates for elected office
·        Daily fines for tech companies that use their content and algorithms to suppress or prioritize access to content related to a political candidate or cause on the ballot
·        Transparency requirements
·        Disclosure requirements which will be enforced by election authorities for tech companies that favor one candidate over another
·        Power for the Florida Attorney General to file suit against companies that violate these standards under the state’s Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act
So far these are the most substantial approach proposed by any US state to combat tech censorship. Governor DeSantis stated he saw these businesses as having evolved into a communications monopoly that influence information to an ‘unimaginable’ extent. The Governor continued ‘These platforms have changed from neutral platforms that provided Americans with the freedom to speak to enforcers of preferred narratives. Consequently, these platforms have played an increasingly decisive role in elections’. Governor DeSantis accused the tech giants of ‘clear viewpoint discrimination’, specifically mentioning the banning of President Trump and the removal of Parler from Apple, Amazon and Google controlled app stores.
While this may not reverse Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1996, which was a goal of President Trump, it represents the most substantive effort to date to control media ideological bias and censorship. Section 230 states that platforms are not responsible for what others post but the tech giants have abused this to allow them to favor as well as censor what people post. If these tech companies are not either reigned in legally or broken up as monopolies, it will mark the death of free speech.
San Francisco Schools Remove 44 Names:
Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson amongst them
By James Bauman
In the People’s Republik Of Kalifornia, ‘cancel culture’ is, unfortunately, alive and well and is coming for the city’s schools. All schools named after any American Founding Fathers, patriots and other heroes are to be renamed if the person in question has any connection to any issue the left objects to. In reality, it is just another step down the road to politically correcting the nation instead of honoring and educating students as to who these people are and the roles they played. Three of the four Presidents on Mount Rushmore are included and the fourth one may be added to the list if the school board can ascertain if the school in question was named after Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt.
So far, forty four schools will be renamed and even though California is home to Muir Woods, John Muir’s name will be removed from a school along with National Anthem writer Francis Scott Key and Father Junipero Serra. This truly is the best – or worst – example of cancel culture at work because San Francisco is filled with coronavirus, other infectious diseases usually found in the third world, drug addiction with discarded needles on the streets and homelessness so rampant than there are actually apps that can be downloaded to a phone that mark locations of human fecal matter. Instead of addressing much more pressing issues, the City Council and School Board have raised efforts to erase history. Cancel Culture is just another current term for censorship but it certainly should bring to mind China’s Cultural Revolution where the youth of their time were tasked with identifying and eradicating any vestige of life before the arrival of Mao and the communists. Cultural Marxists have been rampaging California for decades and their socialist revolutionary goals still take a front seat to the real word problems previously mentioned.
There are, however, two components of this which shows just how devoted the left is to their religion of censorship. First, Senator Diane Feinstein has long been a left wing advocate but even her name is being stricken from a school because while she was Mayor she committed the unpardonable sin of replacing a Confederate flag at City Hall after it was vandalized. This should effectively show that no one, no matter how long that person has done the bidding of the left, will be spared from their devotion to the ‘great eraser’ where any history they find uncomfortable demands immediate deletion. Second, renaming schools is such a high priority that this is being pursued immediately… and there are no students in the majority of the schools in question. The students are not attending in person as of this writing so the idea that somehow walking into a building named after someone the left does not like is really not even an issue right now in the State of Lockdown-a-stan.
Just remember, California is insolvent. There is no money, only debt, so the question needs to be asked as to how much this act of cancel culture will cost. Remember, this is pure deficit spending in the name of political correctness. How many new signs, uniforms, buildings and sports facilities will have to be changed to accommodate this? The current San Francisco Schools have a budget deficit estimated at $75 million this year. All this money is being spent on renaming things while students suffer from serious mental and social detriments due to their long detainment form normalcy.
The San Francisco school board voted to change the following school names*:
Balboa High School, Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Abraham Lincoln High School, US President
Mission High School, Mission Dolores
George Washington High School, US President
Lowell High School, Poet/Critic James R. Lowell
James Denman Middle School, Founder of first San Francisco school
Everett Middle School, Edward Everett, American statesman
Herbert Hoover Middle School, US President
James Lick Middle School, Land baron
Presidio Middle School, San Francisco military post
Roosevelt Middle School, unknown which of the two US Presidents
Lawton K-8, U.S. Army officer Henry Ware Lawton
Claire Lilienthal, San Francisco school board member
Paul Revere K-8, American Revolution patriot
Alamo Elementary, A poplar tree or the site of Texas Revolution battle
Alvarado Elementary, Pedro de Alvarado, Conquistador
Bryant Elementary, Author Edwin Bryant
Clarendon Elementary Second Community and Japanese Bilingual Program Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, English politician
El Dorado Elementary, Mythical City of Gold
Dianne Feinstein Elementary, US Senator and former San Francisco Mayor
Garfield Elementary, James Garfield, US President
Grattan Elementary, William Henry Grattan, Irish author
Jefferson Elementary, Thomas Jefferson, US President
Francis Scott Key Elementary, Composer of Star Spangled Banner
Frank McCoppin Elementary, San Francisco Mayor
McKinley Elementary, William McKinley, US President
Marshall Elementary, James Wilson Marshall, Worker at Sutter’s Mill
Monroe Elementary, James Monroe, US President
John Muir Elementary, Naturalist
Jose Ortega Elementary, Spanish colonizer
Sanchez Elementary, Jose Bernardo Sanchez, Spanish missionary
Junipero Serra Elementary, Spanish priest
Sheridan Elementary, Gen. Philip Sheridan
Sherman Elementary, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman
Commodore Sloat Elementary, John Sloat, Navy officer
Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary, Author
Sutro Elementary, Adolph Sutro, San Francisco Mayor
Ulloa Elementary, Don Antonio de Ulloa, Spanish general
Daniel Webster Elementary, US statesman
Noriega Early Education School, unknown
Presidio EES, San Francisco military post
Stockton EES, Robert F. Stockton, Navy commodore
Did you notice anything missing here? Harvey Milk was the first openly gay Mayor as well as a serial pedophile who raped teen boys, yet he has an elementary school named after him. Notice how cancel culture has not come for him? As per usual with the left, some animals are more equal than others.
In one more nod to just how far off base the priorities of San Francisco are, the San Francisco Unified School District Arts Department has decided to abandon its acronym of ‘VAPA’. VAPA stands for Visual And Performing Arts but local ABC News Channel 7 reported that acronyms are a symbol of white supremacy. If anyone can give me a rational explanation for this, I certainly would appreciate it, but I freely admit that expecting logic, common sense and rationality from public education, California education in particular, is asking a bit much
 *School list sourced from RT

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