Disturbing Cultural Sign of the Times
Comic-al Cultural Delusion
In the world of woke hypersensitivity and irrationality, Marvel Comics has now jumped onto the politically correct bandwagon. While most of us are concerned about the leadership of our nation, what will happen with coronavirus or increasing tensions with Iran, the true measure of what our media has become is now encapsulated in two new Marvel Comics superheroes named ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Safespace’.
Unfortunately, I am serious and cannot claim that I concocted this absurd headline just to make your day a bit more jovial. Marvel Comics has, in their words, created ‘post ironic’ characters who are gender non binary and have nonsensical plural pronouns to refer to the ‘gender fluid twins’. Marvel has continued to state that since the term ‘snowflake’ has a weak connotation, they have rebranded it for the purposes of ‘turning it into something sharp’. The Snowflake character uses snowflakes as weapons while Safespace can conjure a shield to prevent bullying by being ‘misgendered’. Many people who initially saw the characters thought it was an elaborate internet hoax but this is far from a one off oddity as Marvel has announced plans for a transgender and gay superhero in future films.
I have to quote political commentator Mindy Robinson who simply remarked ‘The left never runs out of bad ideas’.
Really, I am a simple man. Just let me see a rogue coyote drop an ACME anvil on a roadrunner’s head.
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 The Mainstream Media Has Failed
It will come as no surprise today that President Trump continues to insist the general election in numerous states was corrupted by massive fraud. First, Dominion voting machines created software alterations which shifted or removed large vote tallies to the detriment of the President. Second, this was combined with human fraud where suitcases of ballots were unloaded in places people thought they would not be seen and others counted the same ballot as many times as they could while GOP observers were not allowed in to verify. Third, bogus mail in ballots plus ‘ballot harvested’ mail in ballots have resulted in a situation where no one agrees on which are authentic. And now, the reporting of the violence at the Capitol building also seriously brings into doubt the accuracy of the mainstream press. Can you think of any Capitol of any nation where the Vice President and both Houses of Congress are meeting and such an event would be so unguarded that a mob could get in and cause members of the Legislature to hide under their desks? I may not know everything that happened that evening, but I am sure the media is lying to me.
By careful examination of the mainstream media we may not be able to prove exactly what fraud was committed but we can easily see the fingerprints of media complicity. It is not the first time a candidate claimed that fraud had taken place but what is different this time was that before the election was even over, the media had already begun to reach absolute vocabulary conformity that the President’s accusations of fraud were either ‘baseless’ or ‘false’ and his objections by nature of their existence automatically represented a threat to the American electoral system.
The reality is very different from what the media is presenting. Their coordinated discrediting of the claims of fraud are only emboldening American Patriots who understand that something very wrong has happened. Far worse is that for the last half century the media has lost all credibility in its claim to be the ‘watchdog’ designed to keep the system honest. As much as I am not a fan of the late Senator John McCain, Mr McCain probably summed up the role of the press in 2017 as effectively as it can be when he stated ‘I hate the press…. But the fact is, we need you… If you want to preserve (our government) as we know it, you need to have a free and many times an adversarial press’. It is time to face what most citizens already know. The media has undermined Americans trust in the political system.
The media’s immediate dismissal of the President’s charges, instead of doing their job and investigating to see whether there was fraud to be found, shows their true colors. Truth no longer matters and journalism was proven dead in the mainstream because the media showed itself for what it is, a partisan institution. The Washington Post reported in 2014 that only 7% of major news journalists were Republicans and the number reportedly is still declining. Whether it is 7% or anything close to that figure should show clearly that the media is anything but impartial.
Let us take only the briefest look at one previous fraud and the massive repercussions it has had. If Lyndon Johnson had not committed voter fraud to win the 1948 Senate race against the popular Governor Coke Stevenson, the entire second half of the 20th Century would have been different. Representative Johnson (as he was at the time) had a friend in southern Texas whom Mr Johnson persuaded to keep his poll results open in case a few extra votes were needed. The man’s name was George Parr and Mr Parr was a judge whose conscience got the best of him decades later when he admitted to adding several hundred votes for the soon to be Senator Johnson. The extra votes were all signed in alphabetical order, in the same handwriting and same ink. For its era, it was as obvious as a student in a modern school plagiarizing by coping Wikipedia verbatim. Now consider what happened as the result of this. The obvious was that Lyndon Johnson never should have been a Senator. The next is that without being in the Senate he would have not have been Senator John F Kennedy’s choice of running mate and then after the assassination of President Kennedy, there never would have been a President Johnson.
Voter Fraud deprived one man the opportunity to be Senator and then likely it cost another man, Richard Nixon, the Presidency in 1960. If those were the only outcomes, it would have been wrong, but reality is far worse. If there had been no President Johnson, there would not have been the bloody hubris of Mr Johnson and Secretary McNamara who sent almost 70,000 Americans to their deaths in Vietnam in a war they could not win. It is not that the US could not defeat the Vietcong, it is the simple fact that Johnson and McNamara could not fathom how ‘jungle boys’ could possible beat American troops. The answer of limited engagement is a start. These war pigs sent in thousands of young American men, many of whom would not come back alive while others would bear the scars of their service forever, only to return home and be treated with vile contempt by the lowlife counterculture who would be supporting Antifa today. But the crimes of illegitimate President Johnson have far deeper social repercussions. President Johnson’s so-called ‘Great Society’ helped build the ghetto housing projects that would become the impoverished gang infested war zones of the 1980s crack epidemic and the conditions certainly have not improved today. The expansion of his social welfare programs drove fathers out of the homes because money was attached to not having a stable family. He monetarily augmented many family and community ills by creating a social service dystopia that the nation still has not recovered from. This is the result of voter fraud, the same fraud which has been committed against President Trump and the media do not care one bit.
Reality shows today’s fraud is even easier to commit with hacked computers and the servers they are connected to sometimes being in foreign nations. But, suppose just for a moment that the media thought that fraud simply was not possible with today’s systems. Aside from the fact that is simply a level of mass naivety that is inconceivable, as stated earlier the media did not want to even consider it. The example with President Johnson was just one fraud that sent ripples of impact across the nation for the next half century. Yet, the media had already made up its collective mind. There is that word again, ‘collective’. This is the hallmark of the modern left. They profess the value of individualism but that does not extend to individual rights, including that of political opinion. All non leftist doctrine is to be greeted with hate as well as efforts to eradicate it in order to return to the collectivist mindset.
Many times American Sovereignty Network has warned of the collusion of the media oligopoly which controls 92% of the media on three continents. What has been mentioned less often is the claim that ‘we (the citizens) are now the news’. That might at one point have been considered a bit headstrong but there is now more truth coming from citizen journalists than the media conglomerates. You know which citizen journalists I am talking about, they are the ones being de-platformed off YouTube and Facebook as fast as technologically possible. The media and its tech co-conspirators want no dissent and stopping tech access is the fastest way to do it. This is why American Sovereignty Network was taken off YouTube and now will have future livestreams on www.americanmediaperiscope.net At least we have had an alternative platform to flee to but many sources of truth have yet to find another option.
A free society depends upon a free media. Thomas Jefferson wrote that if he had to choose between ‘a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter’. If you prefer to make this applicable to the current era, simply replace ‘newspapers’ with ‘media’. We just have the advantage of having the technology for citizen journalists to help disseminate the truth. Fortunately, we do not have to both afford and operate an old fashioned printing press to accomplish this, assuming the tech tyranny censors do not shut us down.
People no longer trust the mainstream press and they know that if they take their time to research the digital sources available, people can find far better commentary and reporting being conducted totally out of the iron grip of the mainstream who still cannot bring themselves to understand how citizens could possibly not trust them and abandon them for ‘some guys webpage’. The sad reality is that ‘some guys webpage’ is now surpassing many mainstream reports if you measure by the amount of truthful content. The answer is simple, if the media would take the time to properly and objectively (that seems a stretch) investigate the extreme voting anomalies in the 2020 election, they would both strengthen the American people’s faith in both the press and our governmental institutions. The simple fact they will not do this lets us know that the mainstream is just an establishment tool that should be largely ignored. It is not worth your time to read the New York Times or The Atlantic or watch CNN et al, because you will get all leftist all the time.
Many Americans have not heard of Operation Mockingbird even though it has existed since 1948. This CIA backed plan was not exposed by name until the 1970s but it involved enticing members of the mainstream press into being CIA assets to manipulate the media. Most who were approached for this work did so with eager complicity because they were sold on the project as being a service to their nation. Others likely were duped into thinking they were somehow ‘secret agents’ and found their egos to be stroked by the cloak and dagger mentality. Fast forward to today and the CIA does not even have to bother with recruitment because the media has become a default asset of the technocracy. The American people have been left without a watchdog institution and American Sovereignty Network encourages anyone reading this to break free from the propaganda of mainstream programming. Yes, you read that right, ‘programming’.

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james bauman

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