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For over half a century, America’s political classes have been implementing a secret agenda developed in the City of London and hammered out at the Yalta conference which ended World War 2 – that of transforming the United States into a bankrupt welfare state while elevating Communist China to leader of the new world order.

Initially, Americans looked upon Red China as a dangerous sleeping dragon, appreciating the

potential it held to spread God-less tyranny, materialism, and oppression throughout the world and ultimately subjugate the United States. In contrast, shadowy global elites, who did not have the nation’s best interests at heart and who were chiefly motivated by money and power at the expense of all else, salivated over the profits that stood to be made in the underdeveloped market of over one billion Chinese consumers. Shut off from the Western world, which had undergone an industrial revolution, the Chinese could be exploited for cheap labor to enrich multinationals, without regard to environmental regulations, human rights, or democratic values, global elites reasoned. American citizens, who were skeptical of Communist China, needed to be convinced, and so the National Committee on U-S-China Relations was launched.


Having created Communist China, globalists did not perceive a Red menace, but a market ripe for exploitation. During the Second World War, C-V-Starr, the founder of the insurance company, A-I-G, worked with the Office of Strategic Services – or O-S-S, a precursor to the C-I-A – to map out China’s markets for the international business community.

Yale University and powerful global elites, like the Rothschild banking dynasty, then helped finance and groom Mao Tse-tung, who led the Communist Revolution in China to ensure the country was placed under globalist control.

America’s disastrous China policy was set it motion in the State Department by Henry Kissinger, a Jewish refugee-turned-ruler who was recruited during World War 2 by the O-S-S as an intelligence asset to help reconstruct Nazi Germany.

As Kissinger appreciated, real power and wealth was to be acquired in the vast, untapped markets of China. The future U-S Secretary of State was mentored by U-K Prime Minister Lord Alec Douglas-Home, who believed the West should throw open its doors to Communist China. Among Douglas-Home’s colleagues was Lord Bertrand Russell, a leading socialist and one world government advocate who instructed Mao Tse-tung in the ideology that was to claim tens of millions of Chinese lives and place China under tyrannical control.

This was the country the National Committee thought Americans should embrace with open arms. The organization opened its doors at the library of the Church Center of the United Nations building in New York in 1966 with funding from John D. Rockefeller III and the Sloan Foundation – a foundation associated with General Motors.

Among the National Committee’s founders was Alexander Eckstein, a Professor of Michigan University who authored China’s Economic Revolution – a study of China’s efforts to achieve rapid economic modernization within a socialist framework with a view to narrowing income disparities, maintaining full employment without inflation, and achieving rapid industrialization.

William F. Buckley, a member of Skull & Bones who authored the critically acclaimed book, God and Man at Yale, attempted to warn the people about communism and the Godless, materialist ideology of the globalists In the process, he launched the modern conservative movement. Buckley’s protégé, Marvin Liebman, who co-founded Young Americans for Freedom and the American Conservative Union, launched One Million Against the Admission of Communist China into the United Nations.

In an effort to normalize U-S-China relations, the National Committee held educational symposiums for the media, think tanks, authors, educators, foundations, corporate leaders, attorneys, bankers, and politicians. The group was also careful to cultivate journalists, who could help China become an issue to be addressed out loud, not whispered with a glance over the shoulder.

Within decades, global elites transformed China from a sleeping giant into an existential threat to the United States.

During the Nixon Administration, the National Committee encouraged Ping Pong diplomacy to facilitate exchanges between American and Chinese table tennis teams that were to set the stage for further engagement between their respective governments.

To move the agenda along, the National Committee collaborated with other globalist organizations, including, for example, World Affairs Councils, the National Council of Churches, the Ford Foundation, and the United Nations, which generated reports on trade with Communist China that could be used for reference.

Thanks to the National Committee’s efforts, Bo-ing, a leading American defense contractor, was able to develop China’s air transportation system and aviation industry.

Fizer became the largest pharmaceutical company in China, maximizing profits for pharmaceutical companies while skirting U-S regulators.

Time magazine publisher and Skull & Bones member Henry Loose, who worked with C-V Starr and the O-S-S to scope out the Chinese market during World War II, delivered a speech in which he said that the United States should trade with Communist China, which accounted for half the population of the world. The Saturday Evening Post followed up with an editorial entitled, “Let’s Open the Door to China,” that parroted Loose’s remarks, making the National Committee’s agenda mainstream.

Following the National Committee’s lead, in 1964, Jack Gompers the President of the World Trade Center Association, recommended establishing a business committee to “explore trade possibilities with the People’s Republic of China.”

In lieu of a rigorous, open debate on the issue of trade and engagement with Communist China, the National Committee created an echo-chamber of consensus which painted any criticism as reactionary and unworthy of consideration while the nation’s most educated and influential people parroting its reports.

Representing the voice of corporate America, the U-S Chamber of Commerce recommended that the United States open channels of communication with China. The Chamber then published a book entitled, A New China Policy: Some Quaker Proposals, which called for America’s full recognition of the People’s Republic of China.

Marching in step with the National Committee, the League of Women Voters selected trade with China as a study issue for its politically active chapter members.

The National Committee also hosted Chinese journalists in the United States and worked with the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the major television news networks to arrange trips to China.

Thanks to the National Committee’s quiet diplomacy, A-O-L-Time Warner sponsored Chinese journalists from Shanghai and facilitated Chinese internships at such magazines as Fortune and Time, and at H-B-O, C-N-N, Warner Brothers, and quote – all aspects of the entertainment world – end quote.

These are the very organizations that regularly pillory Trump over his efforts to put America’s interests before those of China and the globalists.

The National Committee even organized trips to China for members of Congress and their

staffs. Multinationals, in turn, reward supportive politicians with campaign contributions, further incentivizing the nation’s leaders into putting China’s interests and corporate profits above the interests of American citizens.

It would not be long before unscrupulous politicians jumped on board with the National Committee – most prominently, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, all of whom nursed ambitions to become President of the United States. Kennedy, Edwards, and the Clintons expected they would be propelled to the pinnacle of financial and professional success by towing the National Committee’s agenda. For his part, Kennedy dramatically reshaped America’s immigration policies to accommodate China and then tried to become the first U-S politician to travel there.

The Clinton-Gore campaign relied heavily upon Communist Chinese money to prevail in the Democratic primaries and ultimately in the election against their Republican challenger, George Herbert Walker Bush, a Skull and Bones member who supported the National Committee’s agenda.  A D-N-C fundraiser made arrangements for a representative of a Chinese Weapons Trading Company to meet President Bill Clinton, who offered appointments to U.S. trade missions in exchange for campaign contributions. Among Clinton’s appointments to the Commerce Department was a suspected Communist Chinese agent who gathered military and economic intelligence, including satellite encryption, for Red China.

Not only was Communist China among the largest contributors to the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992, but The Washington Post revealed that the People’s Republic of China donated money to the D-N-C to help Clinton win re-election in 1997.

Once in office, Clinton promoted China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. Most Democrats, who received campaign contributions from unions, opposed these efforts over valid concerns that workers would lose jobs to outsourcing and cheap labor if China were to join the W-T-O. Christians and conservatives opposed engaging the murderous, Godless Communist government on ideological and philosophical grounds while high-tech companies were keen to enter the lucrative Chinese market to increase shareholder value. To secure China’s interests, the Clintons reached out to their leading ally in the House of Representatives, Congressman Tom DeLay, who delivered the votes the President needed for China’s entry into the W-T-O. “Exporting American values undermines the Communist regime in China,” DeLay said, adding that quote – free market principles, entrepreneurship, and the Internet reflect American values. I see it as the beginning of the end of Communism. End quote.

Instead it was the beginning of the end of the United States. Discussions between the two countries didn’t focus on democratic principles, human rights, God or rule of law, but on weapons transfers, market access, and profits.  It would not be long before Clinton fell under investigation on multiple fronts, from his sexual exploitation of women, like intern Monica Lewinsky, to the improper influence of Chinese money on the Administration’s policies. As scandals engulfed the Clinton White House, DeLay mobilized Republicans to impeach Clinton for lacking the necessary moral authority to protect U-S interests.

Two days before impeachment hearings began in the House of Representatives, Admiral Thomas Moorer, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pleaded with DeLay to highlight how the Clintons had compromised America’s national security interests. As Moorer explained, President Clinton promised to restrain those who ordered the Tiananmen Square massacre only to allow those very men into the highest reaches of America’s military defenses. Clinton also passed America’s technology to China and gave the Red Chinese a controlling presence in Panama to the point where it could someday neutralize America’s entire deployed military capability. Moorer said that DeLay ignored his entreaties and allowed the Clintons to define the terms of the impeachment inquiry – that of an improper relationship with an intern while the issue of Communist China was swept under the rug.

In 2005, the National Committee’s Annual Report announced China’s Rise, inspiring Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s Right to Rise presidential campaign slogan, based upon the preordained conclusion among global elites that China had a right to rise on the world stage to overtake the United States as leader of the new world order championed by his father.

In public appearances, Hillary Clinton described U-S-China relations as the new global battle. Yet, as Secretary of State, she told the National Committee that she led the effort for a comprehensive, strategic U-S-China relationship, with Kissinger guiding her efforts.  Microsoft founder Bill Gates helped China and Israel develop Smart cities and e-government programs as part of an effort to implement a global technocratic tyranny, with China leading the way.

Liberal billionaire financier George Soros, who has poured money into the political campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and other globalist politicians, announced that Communist China should own the new world order.  Reflecting the corporate power driving America’s China policy, among the National Committee’s leading benefactors are a who’s who of multinationals which have developed deep in-roads into the Chinese markets, including, for example, Time Warner – whose globalist cable news network, CNN, spars with President Donald Trump on a daily basis. Coca-Cola – which attempted to sell marijuana drinks to Americans. General Motors – which has received several substantial taxpayer bailouts. British Petroleum – one of the first foreign companies to operate in China, which has polluted America’s coastlines with oil spills while globalists sought to end America’s love affair with oil in favor of a Green New Deal. H-S-B-C – a global bank which allegedly engages in money laundering for drug cartels and contributed to the Clinton Foundation. The Department of State. The Henry Loose Foundation. And the

Starr Foundation, reflecting the wider philanthropic interests of A-I-G. In the process, China has become a significant threat to the United States, militarily, economically, and strategically while global elites, salivating over vast profits to be made there, lobby for access to China’s markets, with no regard for patent protection, the security of the United States, or the safety, prosperity, or health of American citizens. By 2020, tyranny was at America’s door. As criticism mounted over China’s encroachment into U-S affairs, the National Committee attempted to assuage concerns. While acknowledging that China holds U-S Treasury notes, with reserves approaching two-point-five trillion dollars, the National Committee advised that the United States could repay its debt by being more fiscally disciplined.

Yet, Nixon departed from the gold standard so the Federal Reserve could unleash a spending spree for corporate America, with Americans footing the bill and China holding the debt and power over the United States. Kissinger set up the linkages that facilitated this relationship with a view to elevating Communist China to the status of world leader.

“Kissinger led us here,” the National Committee affirmed.

Putting America’s interests first, President Donald Trump has stopped the National Committee’s agenda dead in its tracks, with howls of protests emerging from corporate America and globalists who expected Communist China to lead the new world order. The National Committee offers a glimpse behind the curtain to reveal the forces Trump is up against and why we, the people must support him. The Secret Dragon: The Inside Story Behind Donald

Trump’s Struggle to Derail the Deep State Agenda


(c) Susan Bradford, 2020 American Media Periscope

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