The Political Left & Their Agenda
As we enter the final days before the US election, many people are experiencing a sense of anxiety and are hopeful 3 November will bring a conclusion to this tension. The assumption is that election day will determine who will hold the Presidency for the next four years and our lives will return to greater normalcy soon after. While a decisive victory would be a welcome outcome, there are numerous left wing operatives and organizations who are planning for civil unrest. Some well known leftists like Mrs Clinton have told Mr Biden to ‘never concede’ no matter what happens. Other groups such as Antifa promised violence if they do not win. Add to these advocates of anarchy the pre-planned conflict of mail in ballots, accusations of disenfranchisement and the likely court cases to resolve such issues and the reality of a potential conflagration becomes clear.
To be concise, leftist groups are planning their next rampage of looting, arson and abuse of the police. This social upheaval fuels more distrust in fundamental institutions of society and, sadly, this is exactly what the left wants. The more they can spread the ethos that the citizens are disconnected from the political and social norms, the more they can exploit the mentality that ‘the system’ is at fault. That type of thinking is hardly new but the left knows they now have two generations who have bought into their lies. Following the standard playbook of 1) problem 2) reaction 3) solution, the post election narrative will dictate that traditional norms and customs are the problem and they must be replaced in the name of social justice. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The effectiveness of the left’s despicable plan to undermine the cultural underpinnings of the USA are centered on the shift in power that accompanies the arrival of younger generations into the voting public. The baby boom and their progeny grew up in a society of relative cultural cohesion and social stability which contributed to a mentality focused upon personal liberty. While personal liberty can obviously be taken to a hedonistic excess, the alternative view of social obligation is far more dangerous. ‘Social Obligation’ is now the left’s proposed solution to undermine the pillars of society. This is made much easier in today’s generations because Americans today have had more instability than at any period in recent memory. For example, fewer children grow up in married two parent households, more people suffer depression and there are higher suicide rates. Now add to this the left’s confusing and unstable notions that you must determine your gender, your morality and your purpose in life. Here you have the conditions the left seeks in order to replace the established system with their socialist dystopia. The values of the Millennial Generation and Generation Z will dominate in the years ahead. However, they are the opposite of the prior generations which is why the left is trying desperately to seize this crisis. Today’s generations will choose security over liberty; they will opt for equality not meritocracy; they will choose collectivism over individualism. Those generational attributes are how the left plan to impose their socialist goals.
For example:
  • You do not get to choose what is put in your body. You must take the vaccine because you owe it to others.
  • You must wear a mask even if you are healthy. You do it to make others feel comfortable even though a healthy person may suffer from prolonged mask use.
  • You must attend sensitivity and anti-bias training. You do this because you are showing your virtue signal to others in your collective.
  • Euthanasia and abortion should be common and the inherent value of human life will be cheapened. This will be promoted as a cost saving obligation for the greater good.
What is not addressed is how instability has led to the younger generations to ignore the true lessons of history plus permitted the left to gain a foothold to replace the existing culture. The current generations’ lifetime is one where change is one of the few constants. They lack the both the knowledge and the discernment to see the parallel between China’s cultural revolution and today’s US anarchists. In China, young people were used to destroy all non-Communist history. In the modern US, the current youthful anarchists have embraced a near identical ‘cancel culture’ where erasing history by toppling statues and burning Bibles has become the norm. American Sovereignty Network exists to counter the destructive forces of the left because if their ambitions are successful, there will be no United States of America that any of us would recognize.

james bauman

james bauman

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