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At present, all readers are aware of the contested results of the 2020 US Presidential Election. Since the issue is unresolved, the points of contention will be summarized in the interest of brevity and the American Sovereignty Network will issue commentary as vote counts are finalized and legal challenges are answered by the courts. Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal prosecutors across the country to ‘pursue substantial allegations’ of voting irregularities.
Wisconsin: A recount has been requested after a suspicious 22% increase in voters from 2016
Michigan: David A. Kallman, senior counsel with the Great Lakes Justice Center declared ‘clear fraud’
                 and thousands of unregistered people were allowed to vote by mail
Pennsylvania: Ten attorneys have asked the Supreme Court to take up the case for fraud
                 Also, Ohio’s Attorney General is asking the High Court to take the case in Pennsylvania
                 And, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt will sign a court brief for the same purpose
                 How questionable are these results when AGs from other states join the cause?
                 Over a million ballots primarily from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are in question
Georgia: Georgia’s voting system manager Gabriel Sterling said the elections were ‘imperfect’ and that
                 officials are ‘sure to find that some people did vote illegally’; a recount is under way
Nevada: The Trump campaign has an affidavit from a whistleblower who witnessed people inside a
                 Biden-Harris van opening, filling out and resealing mail in ballots
Arizona: The election is too close to call with about 50,000 ballots left to count. One can only guess as to
                 how several million votes were counted election day but remaining ballots are taking a week
The American Sovereignty Network is 100% in support of the efforts to prove the corruption in US Election 2020. We believe there has been massive fraud and look hopefully towards justice being found within the court system to stop the theft of the election. We will address future events when the current issues pertaining to the election have been resolved.
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The Reality of a Biden or Harris Administration
It comes as no surprise to say the US Presidential election has not transpired the way most Americans would have liked it to. Anyone with the best interest of the nation as a top priority would have to hope for a clear victor with a peaceful and uncontested outcome. This was obviously not the result and the disputed states and ballots no longer will have a resolution that both Trump and Biden voters will accept. When you no longer have sources that both sides will agree upon, you then have all that is necessary for a long term rift in society. As sad as it seems, some American families have members who say they will refuse to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with relatives who supported the other candidate.
One of the people who does not understand a key aspect in the growing rift is Mr Biden himself. He clearly does not comprehend that he has been used. The former Vice President would not even have been his party’s nominee if Senators Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobachar and Kamala Harris had not dropped out along with Mayor Pete Buttigieg before Super Tuesday during the Democrat primary elections. If those candidates had not exited the race, Senator Bernie Sanders would have won many of the Super Tuesday states. Since Joe Biden had been beaten decisively in Iowa and New Hampshire, his campaign would likely have been over.
So, an obvious question emerges… Why did the Democrats decide to create the illusion that Mr Biden was the clear choice of the party? The answer is both simple as well as completely Machiavellian. Unlike Mr Sanders who was ranked the second most liberal Senator and Mrs Harris who was ranked the single most liberal Senator, former Vice President Biden could be passed off with media collusion as a party stalwart who could ride the coattails of his connection to former President Obama. Never mind Mr Obama was obviously less than enthusiastic about his former Vice President as shown by his unwillingness to campaign for Mr Biden until the last ten days of the race.
Mr Biden was the selection of his party, not the election of his party, for two reasons.
First, Mr Biden is malleable. His many unpopular statements over the years such as the infamous ‘Poor kids are just as smart as white kids’ along with the bigoted statement against integration stating parents did not want their children to grow up ‘in a jungle’. These blunders would have disqualified any other candidate but if you add the bizarre yet all too common pictures of Mr Biden with his hands touching inappropriate places on children, you now have a candidate who knows he can be dumped on the spot the instant he stops following orders from the party power brokers which currently involve some of the most far left, anti-American criminals ever unfortunate enough to serve in the US Congress.
Second, because Mr Biden is malleable, he could be influenced to choose Senator Harris as his running mate which is initially interesting because she was his most vocal critic in the primary races when she conducted her own campaign for President. The reason for this becomes clear when you consider Senator Harris’ record. As the most liberal member of the Senate, she has the same far left backing and will follow the policies of the Democrat power brokers previously mentioned. Also, Senator Harris’ background leaves her open to manipulation based upon certain aspects of her rise in the political world as well as her economic connections to China. That is exactly why she was the chosen one, not Senator Sanders, who as an Independent would make him less easily influenced.
When one considers these two major aspects of Vice President Biden and then add his clearly declining mental health, Mr Biden’s future in politics will be brief indeed. Rudy Giuliani believes the Democrats have been laying the foundation to remove a potential President Biden and replace him with potential VP Harris who is the preferred operative of the far left. ‘The Democrat Party has plans for Joe Biden. There is no question. There are two major things they can (do to) take him out of office any time they want’, Mr Giuliani stated. One way the party leadership could force a President Biden to retire is on the grounds that ‘he suffers from dementia’, Mr Giuliani said. This is why Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been floating the unconstitutional idea of a 25th Amendment Committee to judge the mental fitness of the President and she stated this is not for President Trump. So, if it is not for the current President, whom is it meant for, Madame Speaker? The second way the Democrats could force a President Biden from power is to use the information about corruption involving Mr Biden and his son Hunter. Sexual malfeasance including violent rape, sexual pictures of underage children plus emails confirming millions of dollars of corrupt payoffs to Mr Biden and family in exchange for influence are supported by thousands of emails and photographs that the corrupt media and ‘Big Tech’ firms are working to hide. Mr Biden and his family have abused the trust of political office by profiting through huge payoffs from China, Ukraine and Moscow. He is unfit mentally and morally to be President of the United States but a President Harris will only further the USA’s turn towards the socialist left and the influence of China who have enriched her household greatly. Keep in mind the influence that the existing anti-Americans within the government such as Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Adam Schiff and Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez have already exerted and the stranglehold of the leftist mentality becomes frighteningly clear. They will welcome a President Harris but they will welcome her with pro-socialist legislation and Cultural Marxism at levels never seen before. VP Nominee Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, works at a multinational law firm that consults for several companies owned by the Chinese Communist Party and employs former Chinese government officials. With a Biden or Harris administration, China wins and Americans and the world lose. May God help us.

james bauman

james bauman

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