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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – Trump Covid Making Sense of the Madness

This will be brief. I have intel. and dot connecting sources from numerous individuals including Q, that will help us all make sense of the madness with regards to Trump, Covid and the Counter Psyop. A panel of eight has been convened for this EXCLUSIVE live two hour show this Wednesday at 3:00 PM EST on “Making Sense of the Madness”, YouTube Channel and eight other platforms.

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Making Sense of The Madness

What have we been saying all along? That this is an intelligence battle, information warfare. We are at war and it’s for all the marbles. It’s now, all about the election. It’s either us…or them. It’s the eleventh hour and all efforts from 2015 right on up to Covid, Floyd, BLM and ANTIFA have failed. With thirty days to go before November 3, this well planned operation or counter psyop, is now underway. Remember, 5D Chess. Nothing is as it seems. The Deep State are running scared and swing their fists now in the dark. The de-class is closing in. Panic in DC!

Be sure to watch “Making Sense of the Madness” this week for extensive reporting and one exclusive dedicated live show with a panel of in the know experts. Tucker Carlson knows, but he ifs forbidden from going there. I am not. Join us for this EXCLUSIVE live two hour event with a patriot power panel at 3:00 PM EST. Click the link below.


Making Sense of the Madness


Watch This Brief Clip

I got Dr. Tenpenny on the record as to the medical aspect of this covid nonsense. Yes, in this brief clip, I only alluded to the psyop towards the end. We will now reveal to the world what is really going on. People, we got this. We got this. Watch this weeks broadcasting on this channel and eight other platforms which are listed in the description section in the YouTube platform of my show.

Buckle down. Pray. Stay safe. Stay the course and trust the plan. Freedom? It’s up to us!



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John Michael Chambers

John Michael Chambers

John is upsetting apple carts everywhere he goes with his no holds barred speech on the Deep State, the cost of illegal immigration, voter fraud and current topics Patriots are talking about. Wow! John Michael Chambers has spoken publicly to date in over forty cities, eight states and three countries where he addresses the impact of globalization and the changes and challenges facing not only Americans but all of humanity. His speech always covers the most critical political and economic issues of the day as President Trump takes on the Deep State and the Shadow Government. John continues his book signing public speaking tour all across America.

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