Creation is now Conspiracy
American Sovereignty Network is made up of people of faith but following us does not require adherence to a particular faith. This specific commentary focuses upon just one more area where people of a traditional worldview are pigeonholed into the nebulous catch all category of ‘conspiracy theorists’ which is now the standard for anyone the left does not agree with. In short, if you believe in a God who created the world, you are officially now an ‘anti-science conspiracy theorist’. Unfortunately, name calling is not enough for the left this time. The spirit of cancel culture is pushing them to attempt to impose total silence upon those who dissent with their atheistic worldview. Here is the key point: For the umpteenth time, no disagreement will ever be allowed when the left finds a topic not to their liking. Diversity of thought is not welcome, free speech is now hate speech and the right to hold an non leftist opinion does not exist because their groupthink abhors nonconformity in all cases they disagree with.  
Are you a Christian who believes in the Biblical account of creation? If so, Paul Brateman, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow considers you to be a deluded ‘conspiracy theorist’. In fact, he immediately involves politics (*gasp) and puts you in the same ‘suspect category’ as people who believe that the US 2020 election was corrupted just for believing in the Biblical account of human origin. Approximately 40% of American adults profess to believe this viewpoint today. Dr Brateman declared Christians to be believers in a ‘parallel universe’ that operates against the scientific establishment. Profession of a belief in God or satan also match his criteria for someone who has by default rejected science.
In the last several decades, the issue of creation has been addressed by scientists who have found repeatedly that they can use science to debunk the claims of Darwinian evolutionists. People with credible academic backgrounds like Dr Henry Morris, Dr John Whitcomb or Dr Michael Behe have published science totally devoid of religious references but containing material which show the classic models of evolution to be impossible under the secular guidelines that people like Professor Brateman claim to be upholding. The first two names mentioned founded the Institute for Creation Research and they only employ scientists from established secular universities who are bold enough to not fear the derision of their peers when they publish material which refutes the mainstream, humanistic claims which the atheistic left are so desperate to make sure dominate all areas of academia.
In this case, it should not matter what your personal views are. If you are truly educated and enlightened, what do you have to fear from people who hold to a viewpoint that is different than yours? This is the left at is most stereotypical; anything they disagree with must be silenced and banned from discussion. Anyone who believes the world is of ‘intelligent design’ (note the term) must branded with a ‘scarlet C’ for daring to believe the world was created.
What really upsets people like Professor Brateman is when those who do not accept evolution point out the many past claims of ‘proof’ of evolution which were nothing but frauds. Piltdown Man was a skeletal hoax which was purportedly a ‘missing link’ between humanity and simian species. Nebraska Man was an entire species of proto human concocted from the discovery of the tooth from a now extinct pig. Another was Archaeoraptor which got wide coverage from National Geographic even though it was also deemed disreputable before it made it to publication. Perhaps one of the most egregious claims came from Ernst Haeckel who said that in an embryonic state, all life passes through phases where animals, including humans, exhibit gills, tails and eyeballs on the side. This was an attempt to show common ancestry but is utterly baseless, even in the eyes of the most die hard evolutionist. Once again, we see the same leftist claim of what they call ‘settled science’ despite consistently having to backtrack from what they formerly insisted was ‘settled’. The only thing ever settled is what the left approves of at the moment and any other views need not apply.
Rush Limbaugh and the Left
Yet again, the same leftists who preach the importance of unity, diversity and coexistence have proven that those are nothing but bumper sticker slogans which have no real applicability to the hate mongers who spew them or drive around with their phony vehicular virtue signaling.
The death of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh has brought out the left in all their ugliness and this time it only magnifies the hypocrisy because they feigned total indignation after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In the case of Justice Ginsburg, the President published a statement honoring the life of Justice Ginsburg and then after waiting a week acted within his Constitutional powers and appointed a replacement Justice. However, in this case, the left did not wait ten minutes before erupting on social media with enough disgusting statements that I will only give a few examples of here. To really get you to understand the level of de-humanization that these people are capable of, they elected to use the online tag #RestInPiss for Mr Limbaugh. Yes, the compassionate left exposes their true nature once again. Remember, there is never reciprocity for these people because they consider conservatives to not be fully human, we are their sub-human untermenschen.
In German, untermensch is the term for racially or socially inferior. It is fitting that people who claim to be against Nazism are such hypocrites that they act virtually in all ways like Nazis towards those with whom they disagree. Did anyone let them know Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST German Workers Party? I think not.  
Doubt me? Here is one example:
Rush Limbaugh was a Nazi who delighted in the suffering of others.
We do not mourn and we do not care.
— Wendy Molyneux (@WendyMolyneux)  writer, producer
And here is their new favorite social media tag:
Rest in piss, Rush. You won’t be missed.
— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski)
This is not limited to individuals who can claim free speech; lowlife news groups also participate:
Rush Limbaugh spent decades advancing his career by opportunistically spreading vicious lies that got a lot of bad people elected, whose corrupt policies in turn got a lot of Americans killed. Now he’s dead. So be it. There’s a reason ‘Rest in Piss’ is trending right now.
— Palmer Report (@PalmerReport)
Here is the hard left Huffington Post who makes an insult and then plugs their own outlet:
Rush Limbaugh was a bigot and a misogynist who saturated America’s airwaves with cruel lies and conspiracy theories for decades, transforming the GOP in the process.
If you’re gonna read one obit, read @HuffPost’s from me & @nickrobinsearly 
— Christopher Mathias (@letsgomathias)
And now, as if to lower themselves further, here is MSNBC:
Joy Reid: ‘The idea of injecting chaos and sexism, manipulation, racism, and dirty tricks directly into the artery of the Republican Party, bloodying people up, rather than faking compassionate conservatism and trying to get crossover votes, that ultimately would become the defining feature of Republican politics. Rush ultimately got his way.’
Some even require minor censorship to appear in wholesome news like ours. Look at the name of the media group here:
Rush Limbaugh was a sh*tty, cynical person who did everything he could to make the world meaner, dumber, and more divided. I’m glad he’s dead and I wish it had happened a lot sooner.
— andi zeisler (@andizeisler)  Portland feminist group ‘B*tch Media’ Are you kidding?
‘Bye b*tch’ – Jezebel Editor In Chief J. Escobar Shepherd   (Jezebel? That speaks volumes…)
The above are just samples and there is no way I would want to take any more time than this, nor do I wish to dignify any more people who are so filled with hate. Unfortunately, I have to conclude with a warning you have come to recognize because you have heard it before from me. The hard left has utterly nothing but hatred for who we are and what we stand for. Sure, I can understand socio-political disagreement but to these people their politics ‘trump’ everything else. They hate us. Deal with it. That said, deal with it in a way that you realize if you happen to meet one of these people and they know your values, they will treat you with the same sub-human standards that have been listed here. A liberal or a Democrat is often someone I may disagree with peaceably, however that is not the same as a true leftist. Leftism is poison to humanity and destroys everything it touches, from economics to the dignity of life.

james bauman

james bauman

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