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This has been one tumultuous week and I do not foresee any calm in this coming week. I am sure I am not alone when I say I hope to see the confirmation that President Donald J Trump has beaten the VoteScam artists once again.
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‘Every Vote Matters!’
‘Count Every Vote!’
‘This is a threat to our democracy!’
No doubt everyone reading this will have seen one or more of the slogans listed here but I offer a less than subtle challenge to what might seem like reasonable requests. I have every expectation that someone will take my words out of context, but that will be the crime of the person who does such a thing. I offer no apology for explaining there is something deeply wrong with what initially appear to be face value statements of political opinion.
No, every vote does not matter nor should every vote be counted. Why? The answer is profoundly simple; only authentic votes from legal citizens who followed the properly mandated voting processes should have their ballots counted.
When boxes are inexplicably located containing thousands of ballots which all are for one candidate, anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of statistics should know this is a red flag indicating corruption. This took place in Michigan, home of one of the most anti-Trump Governors in the nation. Meanwhile, the Michigan State Attorney General has publicly stated President Trump’s legal challenge was only to ‘sow doubt’. Just in case anyone wonders, doubt was properly established long before the Attorney General attempted to further complicate the issue. A US Postal ‘whistleblower’ told Project Veritas he was ordered to backdate late mail in ballots in Michigan. Getting the picture? If you are, then you need to know that the people charged with observing the vote tallying in Detroit we’re not getting any picture at all. They arrived to ‘view’ a counting room where the windows had been covered with paper and taped off. Certainly these are not the actions of people who have any care whatsoever for the rule of law or electoral transparency. They are not just a threat to this election but to the public trust in the nation’s political institutions.
When ten thousand ballots from people who no longer live in Nevada were counted, why should they have been? Former Attorney General Adam Laxalt said there was ‘no question President Trump would have won easily without mail in voting’.
Late on election eve, the President was leading by several points in multiple states and then suddenly with only a small percentage of votes left, a swing took place sufficient to alter the outcome. This should immediately raise eyebrows and it applies to five states at the time of writing.
When a state is called early for one candidate, in this case Arizona, and additional ballots indicate the call was made too early, one can only ponder why the decision was made. The logical explanation is because the news media would like to give the perception that Mr Biden won and the state and it is no longer in play. As of this writing, verdict is still out. The repugnant Dan Rather tried this ‘early call’ with Florida in 2000 and it backfired then as well.
In Wisconsin, when 89% of a state’s electorate cast ballots after only 67% in 2016, a thoughtful mind will wonder how a 22% gain took place in a state which had never had more than 73% turnout. It will be interesting to see how many of these 22% of voters live on the bottom of Lake Michigan or who have been deceased for decades yet still have managed to somehow vote.
There are times when one takes no satisfaction in being correct. Last week’s American Sovereignty Network update included my commentary that mail in ballots were one of several methods that the left had already put in place for the exact purpose playing out in front of our eyes. Those who cannot see what is happening are choosing not to. Never, ever place any trust in someone who will support fraud for a candidate he or she approves of but would be outraged if the same practices were employed by a candidate of differing views. This is one of the most typical but far reaching aspects of the leftist mentality. Leftism is utterly ungrounded in any morality. Since no one with a firmly held Judeo-Christian sense of ethics would ever aide and abet the left’s crimes, there should be no surprise that the left is loyal only to their delusional goal of ‘revolution’, although the majority of these intellectual flyweights cannot even define exactly what they outcomes of such ‘revolution’ will be. I am more than comfortable saying many would renounce their leftist affiliation the moment they saw they were actually working to ‘Make America Venezuela Again’.
And what about the final of the three statements which led off this missive? For those babbling about a threat to ‘our democracy’, I reply ‘What democracy?’ The United States of America is not now nor has ever been a democracy. Yes, there may be elements such as voting, initiative and referendum which could be called ‘democratic principles’, but our nation has been and continues to be a Republic. This is by design because the Founding Fathers often called pure democracy ‘mob rule’ because they feared an uneducated populace would simply vote for whomever promised the most from the public treasury. If this seems out of date, take a look at the news. Senator Bernie Sanders is the pied piper of ‘free stuff’ which his devoted followers are not capable of realizing that the most basic economic principle of scarcity renders their utopian fantasy a guaranteed failure. According to the indefatigable Senator, all education should be ‘free’. All health care should be ‘free’ and everyone should have a job that pays what he terms a ‘living wage’. This is a code word for saying that no matter what your employment, your employer should be forced by government mandate to pay you at a wage level which would allow economic self sufficiency. And, one more thought to ponder for those who see no reason why an entry level job should not provide the means to economic independence. What were your first ventures into the job market? Should the burger stand you worked at in high school have been required to pay you a wage you could meet all your needs, even if you live at home with your parents and have no previous employment history? How about learning what the difference between democracy and a republic is before you begin your nightly quest for social justice filled with looting and arson?

james bauman

james bauman

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